Simba Music School Fresno Hasina

What will I need?

Check with your teacher for anything specific. All students will need to have:

  • 1.Fill out and sign the Registration Form.pdf and attach the required $25 registration fee (one form/fee per family).
  • 2.Provide their own Instrument with attached name tag. Instruments must be of decent quality and approved by the teacher.
  • 3.Provide any needed instrument accessories such as a music stand, chin rest, rosin etc.
  • 4.Provide a notebook for the teacher/parent to write notes in at the lessons.
  • 5.Provide books and other materials requested by the teacher.


These and other supplies can be purchased at American Music Co.

Can my family attend my lesson?

We encourage little ears. Siblings, spouses, and family members are always welcome with space providing. Please ask your teacher for clarification.

Observers may even be asked to participate. No video taking of any kind is permitted without prior discussion.

What If I miss a class? 

There are no refunds on missed classes.

Private sessions can only be made up if notice is given 24 hrs. prior to lesson. Each teacher has different restrictions for make-up lessons. Please ask your teacher for their details.

Make up classes depend on the availability of the teacher.

How should I practice?

Your teacher will advise you on how long and what to practice. It is always suggested to practice everyday. “You only have to practice on the days you eat.” – Dr. Suzuki

Will I get to perform? 

Most teachers hold a yearly recital and will inform you of the date and details.

All students are required to participate.

Other performance opportunities such as honor groups and festivals will be announced as they arise. Please ask your teacher.

Check the Schedule & Events page for dates.

How much does this cost? 

All students must pay a yearly non-refundable enrollment/registration fee of $25.00.

Class fees are due the first class of each month. Returned checks will be charged a $25.00 handling fee.

Private Instruction: 

Tuition varies depending on the teacher but most private instruction is $100 per month with 30 minute sessions. It is very limited and spots are filled on a first come first serve basis.

Group Instruction:

Group Instruction is limited depending on the teacher and is $60 per month, with the option of a Small Group for $80 per month.